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Like 1000 managers per year for 20 years and 20 French National Teams

Do you know

  • Do you know how to produce your A Game, even when the pressure rises and maintain it over the long term?

  • Do you know how to make your teams produce more, faster and better, sustainably, without exhausting them?

  • Do you know how to eliminate stressors for yourself and for your employees?

  •   Do you know how to balance your professional projects and your personal life?

Pour recevoir 

des invitations et

des conseils gratuits

For 30 years, I have been training 

those who want to go beyond their limits,

to achieve their ambitions

and move their performance to the next level


Managers and leaders / year


French National teams
in partnership with Stratégie de la réussite®


partner of

The programs I deliver are designed since 1998

with Stratégie de la réussite ®

teaching method

created by Philippe Leclair,

world champion and

Olympic teams mental coach

portrait pro famelight (1).jpg
Denis Thuillier Coach haute performance



Certification du High Performance Institute de Californie qui forme chaque année une promotion de 300 coachs qui exercent dans le monde entier

La méthode d'entraînement de Stratégie de la réussite ®

a formé des athlètes jusqu'aux titres olympiques


Norme qualité fondée sur les normes AFNOR et ISO.N° A100150 le 4 Août 2017

Les formations peuvent être cofinancés par les OCPA, selon leurs modalités.


Producing sustainable evolutions

From self-management to

the high performance team concept

During workshops, what's most important is what happens after ie : training in your daily life:


  • To produce observable and sustainable behavioral changes.

  • To create new habits and with time reflexes under the pressure of stressful situations.


The champion strategy programs are all combined with training programs that are full integrated into everyday business, personal and family life, leisure activities and sport.

Life skills

Learn to use daily the mental and physical training techniques used by athletes to level up their performances while preserving their self- balance.

team skills

To transform a group into a team then into a High-Performance team and with training into a Dream Team

  • Place the team in a continuous improvement and training process.

  • Move the team to the next level of efficiency and well-being and to less useless efforts.

  • Develop the collective potential ..

I train you to move

to the next level




A discovery morning

Key skills + a bespoke-program

Leader, champion, the same mind to win!

- 3 hours of training to discover the training method..

- scenarios rather than slides to make you discover things for yourself.

- a personalized training program

to train yourself every day, in the daily activities of your personal, professional, sporting or artistic life.

Reach your highest self and maintain it sustainably and under pressure to achieve your major projects:

-to level up  both efficiency and well-being on a daily basis

- to develop your interpersonal skills in complex situations

- to prepare for a major event

High-Performance Team

training + team coaching program and training

The teams' programs are bespoke to answer your needs:

- workshop during a kick-off meeting.

- 1 initiation day as the first step of a training program

- 2 days of full immersion, followed with 2 months of training and coaching.

- a complete program in 2 parts over a few months, scheduled for 15 years in mutinational companies.

Manager Coach

1 day + training program

- behaviors to promote managerial exemplarity.

- produce new habits that can be observed on a daily basis and which are sustainable over time and under pressure.

- make the collective talent of the team greater than the sum of the members' individual talents.

Pour assister au webinaire, recevoir de l'information sur les programmes,

laissez vos coordonnées ci-dessous

Les informations recueillies dans le questionnaire sont enregistrées dans un fichier informatisé par la société Stratégie des champions. Elles ne sont destinées qu’à l’organisation des activités citées dans le formulaire et ne sont conservées que pendant la durée de ces activités. Vous pouvez nous contacter pour accéder aux données vous concernant, les rectifier ou demander leur effacement.

What they think ...

These testimonies have been checked by the French Certifying Institute IPCF & PSI,

during the quality certification procedure

« From deep of my heart I wish to thank Denis. 6 « GUTS leaders » ,and my management team to make this possible. 
Looking 2 years back to (our first) discussion, I still remember that we were talking about soft skills, am personally glad that we see this as a strength today. »

Deepak Sharma

Schneider electric - Senior Vice President (Schwitching and Controlling) Shanghai.

“To make people with different temperaments, ages and cultures aware of how they could compose their differences to complement each other rather than to oppose, in order to be more effective collectively as required by the challenges of the 'business … "

Eric Duterme

Plant CEO at Nice et Brussels

“This program was evaluated by the Formetris Institute until the end of 2014 and then by our own evaluation tools since 2015 for each trained group. All of these assessments highlighted the positive impact on individual professional skills and the teams work. "

Christophe Dombre

Schneider electric - Head of learning and development.

“I really appreciate Denis' ability to understand complex situations, isolate the issues, and mobilize the team to achieve the result. I also recognize Denis' ability to give high-quality feedbacks to participants. "

Ambroise de Boisriou

Head of Human Ressources.


team building

formation en management d’équipe


formation manager une équipe

renforcer la cohésion d’équipe

coaching d’équipes

equipe gagnante

comment développer l’esprit d’équipe ?


performance d'équipe

construire une dream team​


cohésion d’équipe

formation d’équipe

travailler en équipe

comment développer le collectif d’équipe ?​


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